About Sarah 

Sarah Akiba is a life stylist from Paris, France based out of Miami, FL. Sarah’s emphasis has always been on creating. Everything from high-end fashion looks, large events, design, and brand development. With her connections in the fashion and business industry, she is able to provide original, amazing quality work. She has a keen eye for the latest styles and trends to make sure you or your lifestyle is looking its best. Whether its a store front, social media, music video, editorial photoshoot, red-carpet event, a night out with your friends, or a three day festival! 

A graduate from the University of Miami, Sarah Akiba has always been an entrepreneur working towards what she wants, and gravitated towards people who feel the same. As a designer and creative director for both clothing and accessories, a stylist, and fashion entrepreneur; Sarah Akiba created So Akiba. 

Her styling eye honed by working with the likes of Orianne Collins,Tommy Hilfiger, Dascha Polanco, Galore Magazine, Miami New Times, Plum Magazine, Miami Magazine, Lindsey Lohan, Prestige Imports, YesJulz, Chantell Jeffries, Claudia SamPedro, Karent Sierra, Nyla of Brick N Lace, Tafari, Dianna Hughes, and several incredible photographers and directors, has served to make her a recognizable name in the Miami fashion and art scenes. Her experience and connections in the fashion and art world has steered her in various directions of helping brands become successful. She has served different companies with branding, marketing, and consulting work. 

Her recent project of designing a hat line with the phrase “Angel Watching Over Me”, inspired by the loss of her father to lung cancer in 2013, drove her to start her own non-profit organization that helps those who have suffered from losing a loved one by planning fundraiser events and helping other non-profits and people serving as their “angels”. Growing tremendously in the last year; throwing fun and fashionable events during Miami’s Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, and many others while working with high end brands as sponsors to fundraise. Also, creating AWOM Girls Club, where she goes to speak to middle school girls about low self-esteem, female leadership, and anti-bullying.

With that began a brand called AWOM CLUB, a brand with a story, inspired by the foundation where a portion of the proceeds go to the non-profit. This line is proudly carried at KITH Miami and online at www.awom.club. 

Sarah is also known for her moderating skills which commenced by interviewing Tommy Hilfiger at Unknwn Miami for the release of his new book “American Dreamer.” This interview followed by hosting a large panel at the Raleigh Hotel for AWOM Womans Day, interviewing Miami’s most elite on the importance of a woman.

Finally, So Akiba LLC growing into a full production team providing a full range of media and management services, while also opening her photo studio, So Akiba Studios, where like-minded brands and companies can bring their visions to life. 

Sarah Akiba 

Sarah Akiba